Fillings & Restoration

Tooth decay is the number one preventable disease in the world today. Decay can lead to painful infections if not treated properly. If you’re looking for a Chicago Dentist to treat your decay, we at Chicago Styles Smiles use the latest in technology to properly diagnosis and treat tooth decay. Dr. Rohan and Dr. Dow use only tooth colored fillings to provide you with the best outcome possible. We are one of Chicago’s mercury-free dental practices.


Silver Fillings

Many Chicagoans may still have silver/mercury fillings in their mouths from years past. These fillings are not particularly pleasing to the eye, and we know that by unavoidable design, silver/mercury fillings result in a weaker tooth structure. At Chicago Styles Smiles Dr. Rohan and Dr. Dow use new techniques which are aesthetically pleasing and very strong thanks to new bonding technologies.

Disadvantages of Silver Fillings

Silver fillings have many drawbacks. The edges of the silver fillings wear down, become weak or break. This results in the tooth not being protected and can let bacteria causing cavities get started once again. With age, the metal of silver fillings expands, contracts, and can split.

Silver fillings contain 50 percent mercury. They can corrode, leak and cause stains on your teeth and gums.

Thankfully, silver fillings can safely be replaced with tooth-colored restorations.