Like the bad person I am, I hadn’t visited the dentist in almost two years. And my teeth were in sad shape. But Dr. Rohan never made me feel ashamed, and was very frank about his analysis. Yes, the grand verdict was that I would need about 2-3 fillings and a root canal. OUCH. This is why you should always visit the dentist every six months folks.

He gave me a thorough explanation of what to expect, how to better care for my teeth, etc. And the entire staff was very nice throughout the procedure. When I went in to get the first stage of my root canal done, I was surprised by how I felt…nothing. There were small tinges here and there, but Dr. Rohan made note of it and immediately addressed the pain so that it was minimal. My appointments were always done within an hour and a half.

Now, because Dr. Rohan is such an exceptional dentist, he’s always booked. My next appointment is always weeks away. Moreover, he is pricey, but I’m more than happy to pay for the premium if I’m under professional and thorough care.

Jennifer K.

I’ve been to see Dr Dow 3 times now – once for a (long) overdue routine cleaning, and 2 follow-up visits for some fillings (shame on me for holding off so long!).

Everybody at the office is super-friendly and accommodating. The office runs like a well-oiled machine: very little wait times, plenty of attention from the dentists.

Dr Dow does great work – he explained everything too me, took a lot of pictures, and went to extra mile to make sure I was as comfortable and happy as possible. I had zero residual pain after the numbness from my drilling procedures wore off, and my bite was perfect.

Convenient location, in-and-out in a jiff, and great service – what more could you ask for?

Ben K.

I wish I could give Dr. Dow 7 stars, and let me tell you why. I am a true phobic when it comes to a dentist. I have had a countless number of bad experiences! Really bad! I have had some true weirdos in my mouth! But after today, I think if I would have met Dr. Dow 20 years ago, I would have perfect oral health.

It is something to be said of a dentist who is both patient and professional. It is even more when the tone and timbre of someones’ voice is equally relaxing. I was scared to death to have a tooth extracted, and I am scared to death to return in a few weeks — but I am going back because I need to and because I have a sneaky suspicion that things will go as smoothly as they did today.

If anyone out there has an aversion to the entire dental profession (like me), try Dr. Dow. In statistics there is no such thing as 100% confidence, but I can say at the 99% level that if you’re scared, try Dr. Dow first. You probably won’t go any place else.

Martina S.

Great dentist. Super nice. Super flexible. I really enjoy going here and I HATE the dentist. Most of the technicians are good, though one is a little judgmental. Ask for a new one if you don’t like the one you get assigned.

So flexible, they are really great.

Emily L.